An Introduction for 2013 US-China Investment and trade Summit

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The substantial development of trade and investment between the United States and China in the last decades has promoted economic growth, job creation, innovation, and prosperity for both countries. It is also critical to build a strategic partnership between the two countries. However, both challenges and opportunities, such as misperceptions and trade barriers, arise at a time of economic interdependence between both countries.  In order to foster long-term cooperation, it is important to enhance trust to seek common grounds on these issues of interests among stakeholders. 

To promote trust and confidence between public and private sector officials of the US and China; to bring together US and Chinese government officials, policy-makers, project managers, investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists to develop strategies and pursue opportunities for cooperation in US-China investment and trade.  

Overview of the Summit:  
The US-China Foundation for Exchange and Development will host the “US-China Investment and Trade Summit” in Washington DC April 22 to 23, 2013. It will bring together approximately 200 private investors, entrepreneurs and venture capitalists from China to meet their public and private sector counterparts in the United States. It will offer a unique opportunity for our business communities to engage each other in a series of plenary and breakout sessions which will cover major issues, challenges and opportunities in US-China Investment and Trade.  Additionally, the summit will also host a series of project exhibit and match-making sessions.  Our “Business Speed Networking” sessions will give projects and entrepreneurs and opportunity to conduct one-on-one introductory meetings with investors, venture capitalists and other entrepreneurs.  Major news organizations from the US and China will be invited to cover these events. 

About the Sessions:   
The complex inter-relationships between the various themes of US-China investment and trade are explored in the many cross-cutting sessions that provide an opportunity for interactive discussion among panel members and participants.  The 60-minute sessions will include short presentations by each of the three to five expert panelists followed by a moderated discussion among the panelists and a Q&A session with the audience.

  • Who Will Come?  Investors, Venture Capitalists, Entrepreneurs, Federal and State Officials, Media, Think Tanks, Consultants, Development Agencies and Project Offices.
  •  When:  Monday-Tuesday April 22-23, 2013 from 9:00 am to 7:30 pm 
  • Where:   Washington DC, the National Press Club, Ball Room. 
  • Additional Stops:  Philadelphia: April 25; New York: April 26; Boston: April 28.


  • Gala dinners keynoted by high-level US government officials
  • 200 investors, venture capitalists and entrepreneurs from China  
  • Introduction of 100 US investment projects, by regions 
  • 500 attendees including key players in US-China investment and policy 
  • Project/Investor one-on-one matchmaking meetings
  • 100 or more project booths of representatives from both the US and China
  • VIP receptions 
  • Networking 

Special Wealth Sessions

Special Session - How to Expand Your Business Market - by selling your goods and services to the largest purchaser in the world - the USA Government

Select attendees can attend a special session designed to inform and educate business owners, and entrepreneurs on how to conduct business with the largest purchaser in the world. Participants who register early will have the opportunity to provide products, goods and services that they want to provide to the United States Government in the USA as well as other locations around the globe. During the special session participants will be briefed on the amount of goods and services purchased  by the USA and exactly where the market opportunities are and how to provide their goods and services to the market.


Special Session - How to get money you need to buy USA made equipment, technology, goods and services to help your business grow

A Special session will be held for business participants that want to expand and grow, purchase equipment, technology, goods and services from the USA and get fundings and loans to purchase the equipment, goods and services made in the USA. A special session will be held to discuss market and funding opportunities and how to get the funding to purchase USA made goods, services and equipment.

Special Session - How to invest in the USA and help the economies in the USA and China - 

- Select  Investment Projects Across America

Buisness owners, entrepreneurs, investors and high net-worth individuals from China and the US will attend a special session to look at investment opportunities across the USA and how these investment opportunities can help participants increase sales grow their business, and increase their personal wealth. Attendees from China will have sessions to review different investment opportunities, proposals, projects and joint ventures across the USA. Additionally, special business opportunities, ventures and partnerships that team both USA and China business partners to increase business development, avoid risk, and increase growth in both the USA and China will be presented.