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Sidebar Display

Takk includes three sidebar options in the Style Editor — a left sidebar, right sidebar or no sidebar at all. 


Header Display 

Control the location and alignment of your logo and navigation from the Style Editor.  Create a custom logo with the Site Title font, color and size settings, or upload an image to Settings

The logo and navigation are fixed to the top of the site even after scrolling, so that links are always accessible. This feature is optional, and can be disabled in the Style Editor.


Promoted Blocks

Image, Video, Gallery, Map and Quote blocks placed at the top of a blog post will appear above the post title. This feature is optional, and can be disabled in Settings.

Social Icons

Display icons that link to your social accounts by enabling Show Social Icon in Connected Accounts. Or add a Social Link Block to display a list where you choose.


Takk is optimized for mobile devices. Set Site Width in Style Editor and the CSS will do the rest. If you prefer to disable this feature, you can do so in Settings.